Book Review: Holding the Dream

Holding the Dream - Nora Roberts

Book: Holding the Dream


Author: Nora Roberts


Genre: Fiction/Romance/Family


Summary: Surrounded by the sweeping cliffs and beauty of Big Sur, Kate Powell treasured her life at Templeton House. . . and the family who raised her like one of their own. Although Kate lacked Margo's beauty and Laura's elegance, she knew she had something they would never possess - a shrewd head for business. Driven by ambition, Kate measured her life's success with each soaring promotion. But now, faced with professional impropriety, Kate is forced to look deep within herself - only to find something missing in her life. . . and in her heart. -Penguin, 1997.



The second book of the Dream Trilogy was just as good as the first, building on the relationships introduced while incorporating new ones.


Kate Powell is the cousin of Laura Templeton, brought into the Templeton household after a car crash killed her parents. The most logical and unromantic of the three girls, Kate has always run on facts and figures. Then, after she's been accused of stealing from her clients, Kate needs to reevaluate her dreams and see if she can make new ones while adding a little romance in her life.


The story reminded me strongly of The Taming of the Shrew. Not that Kate is necessarily tamed or a shrew. Her flaws were hinted at in the first book and are brought into a harsher light during her own story. For as practical and frugal Kate can be, she can be shortsighted and fail to take care of herself. She doesn't stop to smell the roses and her love interest shows her how. It's a pairing of opposites and you know how the old saying goes.


That being said, as much as I enjoyed it, I do think it still suffered a bit since the majority of the story was focused on Kate's development and her crisis. The romance developed here and there, but there were some foggy areas when getting from point a to point b. The fact that Kate and her beau don't like each other when they first meet is clearly and firmly established, but how their feelings change is not as explicitly stated, particularly on Kate's side. This is more of an "actions speak louder than words" type of romance. Don't focus on what's said. Focus on what's done. It's not a turn off by any means, it's simply something to get used to as it's completely different from Margo's romance.


I still loved reading it and I think it's a fine "sequel" to the first book.


I give Holding the Dream an A.




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